Design a Custom Straight Cable

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Please read below about the different settings and refer to the color chart to pick colors for your cable.

These are coiled to have a straight device connector

Device Connector:

This is the port that connects to your keyboard, phone, etc.

Host Connector:

This is the port that connects to your desktop, computer, etc.


This is the length of the straight part of the cable.

Coil Length:

Please select the length of the coil you would like. All coils are 3/8in diameter.

Paracord Color:

Paracord is the first layer of every cable. This is the base color and sets the color for the cable.

Techflex Color:

Techflex is the second layer of every cable. This color can change the overall color of the cable.

Aviator Connector:

This is a detachable connector that goes in between the coil and aviator.

Heatshrink Color

Heatshrink goes around the connectors and aviator of the cable.

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