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All of our orders are hand crafted in and shipped from Las Vegas, Nevada. After checking out, shipping will be calculated depending on where you live. We try our hardest to keep our shipping costs low, and we ask you to keep in mind that shipping costs are a function of your location, package size and how quickly you like to receive your order. 

Currently there is no shipping available for these following locations:

  1. ​Cuba

  2. Iran

  3. North Korea

  4. Sudan 

  5. Syria

  6. Iraq


The return and exchange policy at Define Cables is one of the best out there and is there to assure you that you are purchasing your cables from a company that stands behind its products.

  • If you received a damaged/nonfunctional cable or desk mat. Please send us an email with a photo of the damaged product​ and an explanation of whats wrong. We will review your request and you will be sent an RMA number and a shipping label.  Please return your product using the shipping label and include the RMA number in your package. Once we receive the cable, we will do the necessary work to fix and repair the cable, and ship it back to you. No hassles!  
  • Disclaimer:
    • We do not take returns if you stretch the coil and it looses form. The rule of thumb is to not stretch it past a couple inches more than its un-stretched length.
  • We will not take back or repair products after two weeks of delivery date. 
  • Every return must be sent with original packaging, or of similar size. 

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