It all started when I purchased my first keyboard. After waiting for my keyboard to arrive, I was super anxious to unbox it. Everything in the box was beautiful, except for one thing: the keyboard cable.  It was a boring black cable with commercial lettering plastered on the sides, and it stood out like a sore thumb against my desk. I quickly started to look online for alternatives and entered the custom keyboard cable world.

After browsing many sites, I was prompted with either "Out of Stock" or other messages like "We are not currently taking orders." For the life of me, I could not find a single place that had cables for sale at a reasonable price. The ones that were available had absurd prices upwards of $80. I eventually gave up. Fast forward two months, I was fed up again and was determined to get a cable, but this time, I was willing to take a different approach and make it myself. After purchasing the materials I needed, I made my first few cables and after a while I became very precise with the process. Its a combination of having an eye for design and dexterity.  I came to realize that the quality of the cables I was making was even better than the other cables in the market. This led to the creation of Define Cables, a company focused on creating beautiful, high quality cables for a cheaper price.